Dress Code

General Policy

The Dress Code Policy for the Clubhouse is “Country Club Casual” as described below. The policy applies to all adults and children (including both members and guests). Members are responsible for the attire and deportment of their children and their guests.

Expectations for Member Dress
Members, their children, and guests are expected to appear neat and presentable at all times. Clothing should be well tailored and the appropriate size. All golf attire is acceptable, as are jeans and denim. Collarless attire may be acceptable if worn with a jacket, in an elegant fabric or in the form of a sweater. Hats are acceptable in the Clubhouse, but must be worn with the brim facing forward on a standard cap.

Golf and Athletic attire, as sold in our Golf Shop is acceptable unless specified below:

Acceptable Attire:


  • Collared shirts, polo shirts, knit shirts, turtleneck or mock turtleneck shirts and Hawaiian style or Tommy Bahama shirts. Shirts MUST be tucked in during golf, no matter how they are designed to be worn
  • Bermuda style shorts (Shorts are to be no higher than mid-thigh.)
  • Hemmed pants must fit and be worn at the waist. (No Denim is allowed on the Golf Course including practice facilities)


  • When golfing, ladies attire must confirm with current fashion and LPGA standards.
  • Skirts, Shorts, dresses and/or slacks
  • Collared or open neck shirts of a polo style, polo shirts
  • Sleeveless shirts, as designed for golf are acceptable
  • For women golfing, leggings cannot be worn alone they must be worn with a skirt or skort.

Unacceptable Attire:

  • Gym or workout attire
  • Cotton collarless t-shirts
  • Basic Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops or midriff tops
  • Shoes are required in the Clubhouse
  • Swimsuits or swim attire
  • Cut-offs are prohibited
  • Overalls, cargo pants, carpenter’s pants and sweat pants are prohibited
  • Any portion of lingerie and undergarments exposed
  • Excessively large or inappropriate logos on clothing
  • Micro-mini skirts (with the exception of appropriate tennis skirts used as a crossover for golf). Our standard is set by the typical length of golf shorts/skorts.

Exceptions to the Dress Code Policy may be made for special or private events as determined and announced from time to time by club management.


  • Children 10 and under are permitted to wear appropriate cotton t-shirts, cotton sweatshirts and cotton sweatpants as long as they do not display excessively large or inappropriate logos

Hidden Valley Country Club Management has been authorized by the Board of Directors to refuse access to the Clubhouse, Golf Course and Practice Facilities if the member, their children, or guests are not appropriately attired.