Tips from the Pro

Tips from the Pro

Hello Hidden Valley Members,

We would like to thank all of you who came to our Sip and Shop Holiday Sale. It was wonderful spending the evening with many of you. We gave over $4000 in discounts for the night as well as a free Bushnell Rangefinder and TaylorMade putter. We need to give a BIG THANK YOU to Patty Bradley, Sue Flaim, Rhonda Irvine, Vivian Monroe, Kim Plautz, and Aubrey Wheat for helping us with the gift wrapping. It could have been disastrous leaving all the wrapping up to us. Thank you, ladies!

The hitting bay is officially up and running. Regular hours will be Wednesday-Sunday from 10 to 4 with extended hours available by appointment only. We do have the launch monitor set up as well. Have you ever wondered if your clubs fit you correctly? Are the lie angles correct? How about the gapping between clubs? This is the perfect time to use this technology and see if your own clubs are set up correctly. We can diagnose and fix right here at the club. We offer lessons and club fittings by appointment only. Please call if you have any questions.

I hope you have all been receiving my emails as of late. We have been trying a few different platforms and sources to find out what works best. If you have not received any emails or feel like you are receiving too many emails from me, PLEASE let me know. We want you to be informed as much as you feel comfortable with.

In my previous newsletter, I had mentioned 5 areas that would be a top priority as we headed into next year. Those items were Outside Operations, Course Rotation, Member Tournaments, Communication, and Merchandise. For those of you that have been around the club, we hope that you have begun to see improvements in some of these areas. We will continue to implement new procedures and training to make sure that your experience at Hidden Valley is exceptional.

Please remember that my door is always open if you would like to discuss any concerns, questions, compliments, complaints, or great ideas you may have.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

Remember to always fill those divots and fix those ball marks!

Dan Walker
PGA Head Golf Professional



Rules Trivia Question:

Since NO ONE came to me last month with the answer, I will keep it in for this month to see if we can get a winner! Come on, it’s a free sleeve of golf balls!

In stroke play, it is not known or virtually certain that a player’s tee shot is lost in a water hazard. They play another ball from the tee. They then find their ball outside the hazard. What is the ruling?

___There is no penalty and the original ball is in play.

___There is a one stroke penalty and the original ball is in play.

___There is a two stroke penalty and the original ball is in play.

___The original ball is lost under penalty of stroke and distance.

___There is no penalty, but the player must never do that again.

First one to come see me with the correct answer (MUST be in person) gets a free sleeve of the golf ball of their choice.