From the Pro

From the Pro

Happy 2019!!!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, a great suggestion would be to study and learn the new Rules of Golf for 2019. There are some very significant changes that you may want to brush up on. It should be easier now that there are only 24 Rules as compared to the 34 there used to be! Did you know that water hazards are no longer called water hazards? They are now penalty areas. How about “No Play Zone”? That’s a new one you should look up. Rules Officials are now called Referees. Have you ever heard the term “through the green”? No more. Now there are five defined areas that make up the course:


* The general area,

* The teeing area (only referring to the tee where a player must play from in staring the hole)

* All penalty areas,

* All bunkers, and

* The putting green (only referring to the hole the player is playing).


We are planning on having a Rules clinic sometime in February or March to help with all these changes. There will be more information to come as soon as it is available.

Are you tired of the cold weather and snow? Are you ready for a getaway? We have a solution for you. The Professional staff is planning a 3-4 day golf trip to the Las Vegas area during the first part of February. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me ASAP. By the time this newsletter is out, I will have more information with dates and costs.

If you haven’t had a chance to utilize the hitting bay, we would love to have you. Just call the golf shop to schedule a time. The launch monitor is a great tool to help you stay on top of your game through these cold months.

The start of the golf season is right around the corner. Keep your eyes open for PGA Junior League signups, Summer Camps, an all-new Friday Men’s Game, and an exciting mixed Member/Member event.

Looking forward to an exciting 2019! Thank you all for your support of the BEST CLUB IN UTAH!!!


Dan Walker, PGA

Head Golf Professional


Did you Know?

Some of the 2019 changes:

Did you know that until 1984, when dropping a ball, you had to do backwards over your shoulder? Then it was from shoulder height. In 2019, it will be from knee height. And, if you forget and drop from shoulder height out of habit, don’t worry, you just pick it up again and drop it properly.

Currently, if your ball hits you or your equipment, there is a 1 stroke penalty. In 2019, that will no longer be the case as long as it was by accident and not used as a means to stop your ball.

How about the dreaded double hit? Not that it’s ever happened to any of us. Until now, you would incur a 1 stroke penalty for the double hit. In 2019, there is no longer a penalty. It will count as just 1 stroke.