From the Pro

From the Pro

We have officially finished the 2018 Hook & 2018 Belle.  What a great experience for our staff.  We hope we were able to exceed expectations with both events and showcase HVCC as one of the premier clubs in the State.  We thank all of you who participated as these events would never happen without you.

Speaking of the Hook, we still have a LOT of Daily Sweeps and Skins cash winnings that have not been collected.  Please feel free to stop by the golf shop at your earliest convenience to pick those up.  All credits have been posted to Member Accounts.  As for the Belle, all cash winnings have been distributed and all credit has been posted to Member Accounts as well.

With the craziness of the past month, would just like to remind everybody about our Men’s Thursday and Saturday games.  We are about 5 events into the Men’s game schedule and we have had limited participation so far.  We have made some adjustments to allow for everyone who

wants to play to have the opportunity.  The Men’s game will be run all day long and will have 2 to 3 flights (based on course rotation).  It will remain as a Net only event.  Remember that the points from these Men’s games are what qualify you into the the Fall Finale this year so let’s make sure we are getting as much participation as possible.  There is still plenty of opportunity to get the points needed to get into the Fall Finale so don’t feel that you can’t make it because you may have missed our first few events!  Please come in to the shop to sign-up for the games and we will be sure to come out on the tee for sign-ups when opportunity allows.  If you have any questions or requests about the Men’s game please contact Harley in the golf shop.

The PGA Junior League at Hidden Valley Country Club is an opportunity for our young golfers to play the great game of golf in a team atmosphere.  Teams are comprised of boys and girls ages 13 and under.  PGA Junior League golf provides a structured league environment, similar to little league baseball.  PGAJLG provides competitive team-golf opportunities with friends and peers, but students also receive guidance and instruction from the HVCC professional staff. A scramble format is utilized for all PGAJLG matches – creating a fun, inclusive playing environment.  Our 4 Hidden Valley PGA Jr. League teams are entering their final week of play this week.  We have had a great year with 42 total players. We have seen great progress from the kids and a lot of strong play.  Thank you to all the parents that were involved with the season this year helping with practices and matches.  We are looking forward to see what next year holds for the PGA Junior League season!

If you have not made it into the Golf Shop lately, you really need to stop by.  Kathy has done such a terrific job of bringing lots of new inventory.  However, most of it is limited, so be sure to get yours before it’s gone.

As always, thank you for your support of this great club and remember to fill those divots, fix those ball marks, and rake those bunkers!

Dan Walker, PGA

Head Golf Professional


Rules Trivia:

During the first round of the British Open this year, Emiliano Grillo marked and lifted his ball on the 4th putting green, he tapped down his ball-marker with the sole of his putter. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that his ball-marker was adhering to the bottom of his putter! What is the ruling? (a) Without penalty, Grillo must replace his ball or his ball-marker as near as possible to where his ball or ball-marker was positioned prior to the marking or lifting of his ball. (b) Grillo incurs a one-stroke penalty for moving his ball-marker. (c) Grillo incurs a two-stroke penalty for moving his ball marker. (d) Since the spot from which the ball-marker was moved can only be estimated, Grillo must drop his ball as near as possible to that spot.
According to Rule 20-1 [Lifting and Marking], if a ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved in the process of lifting the ball or marking its position, the ball or ball-marker must be replaced. Moreover, there is no penalty, provided the movement of the ball or ball-marker is directly attributable to the specific act of marking the position of or lifting the ball. Decision 20-1/6 [Ball-Marker Moved Accidentally by Player in Process of Marking Position of Ball] precisely addresses Grillo’s situation wherein the ball-marker stuck to the bottom of his putter. Decision 20-1/6 points out that the movement of the ball-marker was directly attributable to the specific act of marking the position of the ball.