Tips from the Pro

Tips from the Pro

Hello Hidden Valley Country Club Members,

We have made big strides in our hiring over the past few weeks. Our new 1st Assistant Golf Professional, Shawn Tharpe, comes to us all the way from Tallahassee, Florida. I am so excited for what Shawn will bring with his experience in the golf industry. I had the opportunity to work with Shawn for 3 years at Killearn Country Club. He will be an integral part of our success this year. We have also hired a new 2nd Assistant Golf Professional. Harley McNeil is a PGA Associate from Spanish Fork. He has been in the golf industry for just over 7 years and will be a great asset to HVCC with his wonderful personality and excitement to learn and improve. Be sure to say hi to both of these Pro’s next time you’re around the club.

As we continue to fill our outside Member Services positions, we hope you will see an increase in incoming and outgoing services. Our plan is to be in “full service” mode by the Spring Kick-Off on April 21st.

Be sure to stop in the Golf Shop to see some of the new product we have received. We have the new TaylorMade M3 & M4 & Callaway Rogue equipment. We also have some new brands like Horn Legend and Nexbelt. We will continue to have new products coming in over the next few weeks. With all new pricing throughout the Golf Shop, we guarantee the best price in town.

I know that most of you are used to the terms “Play of the Day” and “Off 9”, however, these are terms that we no longer use in the Golf Shop. We use all three 9’s just about every day. Because of our new course rotation schedule, it is imperative that each member understands our standard rotation. It is Lakes to Valley, Valley to Mountain, and Mountain to Lakes. You should not have to worry about where you turn to if you always follow this rule. This also means that when we get busy, you need to stick with that rotation in order to not jam up others on the golf course. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

We are finalizing our new tournament software and hope to have online signups available by the first week of April. We will be sure to send out all the imperative information as soon as it becomes available. Make note that the first tournament of the year, the Employee Scholarship Tournament, is right around the corner on April 14th. We will let you know when signups are available.

Junior Camp Dates have also been finalized for the upcoming year. We have the Spring Break Junior Golf Camp on April 4-6. This camp is open to members and their guests. It will run from 9am to 12 pm. You can sign up by calling the Golf Shop or by email. The Summer Golf & Swim Camps will be June 12-15, June 19-22, and August 7-10. We will have more information to come on those. And don’t forget to check out for information on our upcoming Junior League for children ages 6-13.

Dan Walker
PGA Head Golf Professional



Rules Trivia Question:

MARCH WINNER IS ROBERT MEEKS – It’s a Meeks family sweep!

Question: If a player is in a lateral water hazard (marked red) there are 5 options available to them with 4 of them consisting of a one-stroke penalty. What are those options?


1- Stroke & distance by playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.

2- Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far back.

3- Drop a ball outside the water hazard within two club lengths of and not nearer the hole than the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard.

4- Drop a ball at a point on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.

5- Play the ball as it lies.