Rules / Etiquette

Club Rules

  • No list of Club membership or membership roster shall be issued, published or used for any purpose except as authorized by the Board of Directors. No person is to use the facilities of the Club for promotions or advertising. No subscription paper shall be circulated nor any article offered for sale in the clubhouse without the express permission of the Board of Directors.
  • Members are not permitted to discipline, order, or instruct employees at any time, nor are they allowed to send Club employees out or away from Club premises or require employees to report to their employment positions for any purpose without prior approval of Club management. Any suggestions regarding actions of or the conduct of an employee shall be brought to the attention of Club management.
  • Members are required to present their membership cards whenever requested to do so by employees of the Club in performing their employment responsibilities.
  • Members and guests must observe the parking lines in the parking area; any motor-driven vehicle improperly parked or blocking driving lanes will be removed at owner’s expense. The Club can assume no responsibility or liability for any article of personal property lost or stolen on the club premises. The Club shall not be responsible for the loss of property from lockers used by members or guests nor for other loss, damage or injury sustained by members or their guests in the Clubhouse or on the Club premises.
  • Any member breaking or damaging or removing any property of the Club (including table decorations) from the Club premises will be asked to pay the cost thereof, or to replace it.
  • There shall be no loud, boisterous or profane language used by any person on the golf courses or in any room or facility of the Club. Members are responsible for the personal conduct of their family members and guests while such persons are on the grounds of Hidden Valley Country Club. Any conduct of a member or the guest of a member unbecoming a lady or gentleman will be reported to the House Committee for appropriate action as outlined in the by-laws.
  • The House Committee has the authority and responsibility for enforcement of all Hidden Valley Country Club rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Additionally, it is their responsibility to take disciplinary action against any and all members for violation of said rules, regulations, policies and procedures. This action will normally be in the form of a letter from the committee for first or minor infractions. Additional or more serious infractions will result in fines, suspensions or forfeiture of membership.
  • Dogs and other pets will not be permitted on the Club premises, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs.
  • A nominal charge for new decks of cards will be made in every area of the Club. The Club will not advance cash to members.
  • No employee is permitted to cash a check in excess of $50.00 for a member without the express approval of the manager. No check will be cashed or accepted for payment except those checks guaranteed by a member.
  • Sponsoring members will be personally responsible for any checks cashed for their guests. Any returned checks will be charged directly to the sponsoring member’s account.
  • No member or guest shall give or offer any employee alcoholic beverages at any time. No member or guest may entertain a club employee at the Club at any time, except the manager, golf professional and greens superintendent. Members are not allowed to fraternize with employees.
  • It is against Club policy, and the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, to consume alcohol on the premises not purchased, or authorized by Hidden Valley Country Club.
  • No persons whose parents are members of the Club may be hired to work for the Club.
  • No member or guest will be permitted to enter the kitchen unless escorted by the manager or a department head.
  • Smoking is prohibited in any part of the Clubhouse.
  • If a member wishes a guest card for food and beverage service, this can be accomplished by means of a telephone call from the member, their spouse or secretary to the Club office. Local guests (residing within 100 miles of the Club) are limited to twice per month. Out-of-town guests may be issued a guest card for a period of two weeks with a limit of once per year. Guest cards will be issued in conformity with the Utah State liquor laws and regulations. Members are responsible for the conduct and charges of their guests. Guests may not golf at Hidden Valley without the member. Members may have a maximum of three golfing guests at any one time (one four-some). Arrangements must be made in advance with the golf shop for such privileges.
  • Cell phones It is expected that all members and their guests will be respectful of others while using cell phones and other forms of wireless communication. If you need to use your phone while at the Club, please find an out-of-the-way place, away from others. Please refrain from taking calls in the Grille or Lounge areas of the clubhouse. If you are expecting a call while with others, inform them, excuse yourself and retire to a private spot where you can take the call. If members and their guests respect others, the enjoyment factor at Hidden Valley will increase for everyone.